Global Postpandemic Challenges

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Salome Pirvely
Mariam Sikharulidze


Post-pandemic challenges and their analysis have become the most topical issue of discussion recently. The pandemic has posed great challenges to the entire world, the whole universe. It has become a reality that has comprised the world. This problem has affected every sector and consequently its analysis and understanding has become extremely important. Today, a large army of scholars, historians, chroniclers, professors are trying to describe this phenomenon so that history can preserve these facts for the future. The pandemic affected everyone without distinction, it caused immeasurable damage to the inhabitants of the earth. It became impossible to foresee and subordinate it in time. Its prediction is unrealistic, and the expectation of the end is infinite.

Pandemic, Globalization, Educational Space, Business, Business Sector, Reality, Problem, Human Being
Published: Oct 22, 2021

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