COVID - pandemic and online training

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Maggie Mandaria
Nano Gagloeva


As we know, 2020 and 2021 have been tough two years of quarantine and social distancing which were caused by the covid-19, also known as corona virus. And in order to prevent the spreading of the virus, we had to continue studying online. It’s been a whole year since everybody got used to online studying. That is why everybody thinks that Online learning is just as challenging, insightful, and thought-provoking as classroom-based learning – you will cover the same content, taught by the same instructors. With distance learning, you save on various costs like fuel, books,and many more. Distance learning programs are self-paced, they can provide you the chance to complete your study in less time and it cost lower educational costs.

On the other hand, online learning has many disadvantages too. For example- lack of social interaction. It’s a different kind of feeling when you interact with someone, have a conversation with them, as some say communication is the key, but with online studying there’s no social interactions. It’s also kind of depressing, sitting in room alone, staring at the screen andnot interacting with anybody at all. No social interaction causes the loss of motivation. In distance learning, learners do not need to attain classroom physically. They are isolated and therefore they are not able to get some sort of interaction with their other fellows in the course. While in the traditional method of learning, the learners get the opportunity to have an environment which gives them the challenge to perform better. In distance learning, these all factors are not available and can be not favorable for many students. Also, some students do not have access to computers or wi-fi and that's a huge disadvantage on them. Students may not have a quiet space to work, which many need in order to concentrate, stay on task. 

So, in conclusion an online mode of study is a fusion of technology and education. It indicates how well an education system can take advantage of new technology and strive for growth and improvement, however it also has many disadvantages and such as lack of internet connection, access to computers or technology in general.

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Published: Oct 22, 2021

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