Consumer Rights in the Process of Remote Sales in Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Period

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Murman Tsikubadze
Anastasia Kubriashvili


The article deals with the current reality of 2021 and the related post-pandemic challanges. Specifically, consumers and their rights in the process of remote sales. We will also touch on their behavior in the current market situation. The topic of the article is “Consumer rights in the process of remote sales, pandemic and post-pandemic.” Undoubtedly, this aspect is also noteworthy in the current force majeure situation caused by the corona virus. The world has faced many changes and global challenges, the precondition of which has become long-term self-isolation, so both companies and consumers have begun to respond to overcome the current situation.

As events unfolded, it became possible to determine how consumer behavior changed when purchasing this or that product during the distance selling process. The pandemic has changed industries and companies around the world. Consumers were forced to switch to online shopping and they became ultra-smart people in anticipation of creating an alarming situation. In this case, the main task of the business was only to adapt the brands or various services to the public interest during the global pandemic. However, in this situation, the rights of the customer are violated many times by the companies or the delivery service. This is the problem I will address in this article.

მომხმარებელთა უფლებები, დისტანციური გაყიდვები პანდემიის პროცესში, მიწოდების სტანდარტი, მომხმარებელთა ინტერესი
Published: Oct 22, 2021

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