Georgian public awareness and Covid-information field

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ელიზბარ ელიზბარაშვილი


The paper discusses the article by the German philosopher Immanuel Kant - “What is the Enlightenment?” It analyzes the Kantian understanding of the “immature” state of the individual. “Immaturity” is the inability of a person to use his judgment independently, without guardians, to make his own decisions at his own risk and as a result of analytical work. According to Kant, the mass of the immature creates an immature consciousness in society, the exit from which and the escape is the path to enlightenment. The mass of immature consciousness in modern Georgian society regarding the Corona situation is described based on the presented approach. The paper reveals that Groups of guardians, which in the community, deliberately hinder the transition of individuals from an immature state to a free, independent state of thinking and acting. Listed are the tools they used on this road. Finally, the report states that this public awareness contributes to the weakness of the Corona situation protest wave in Georgia compared to Western countries.

საზოგადოებრივი ცნობიერება, Covid-საინფორმაციო ველი, მედია, ძალაუფლება
Published: Jun 20, 2022

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